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#QueerBlogWed: Of prompts and muses…

gothic-1432138_1920I don’t do a lot of writing to prompts. Partly because I have so many stories already percolating inside me that I’d have to live to be 200 to write them all; partly, because my muse seldom cooperates. So when I saw a submission call requesting a specific sub-genre, my first thought was “that would be nice, but…”

Apparently, my muse also liked the idea of a paranormal/mythological FF story because once I figured out a few basic points, the story practically began writing itself.


(Side Note: my muse has been named Raven for a long time due to their love of—and capacity for distraction by—shiny things, but it’s a little weird to call them that right now, since the editor I’ve been working with lately is Raevyn. And yes, my Raven has a flair for the dramatic. ;))

A couple of years ago I started research for a story featuring a mythological creature from Japanese folklore. Before I got too far down that path, someone else in the MM Romance genre released a book with a similar premise. Even though our books would have been completely different in execution, Raven’s feathers got ruffled and they decided to focus on something else.


When I saw the call I thought a side-story from my paranormal world would fit nicely. My usual MO when starting something new is to ask a lot of “What if?” questions about whatever scrap of idea I have. So I did that, but out of nowhere (*lol* yes, Raven, from you) I thought: what if I wrote that story I’d abandoned, only with two women instead of two men? And what if, instead of an Erotic Romance, it was short and hot~maybe Erotica? That would make it a completely different story, yes? So that’s what I’m doing.

Any writers out there who are interested in writing FF (Bisexual/Lesbian) short fiction might want to check out the submission call here. I can’t wait to read the anthology!




Images courtesy of Pixabay: Goth Fantasy Woman by darksouls1, 
Raven pics by Alexas_Fotos

About Charley Descoteaux

I write LGBTQ+ Erotic Romance because watching two (or more!) people figure out how to be happy makes me happy too. Every one of them deserves a beautiful love story, and as long as they keep telling them to me, I’ll keep writing them down. It's the only way I've found to convince them to let me sleep.

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